How can auto insurance benefit me?

Auto insurance requires a balance of the right coverage for the right price. That is why we are here to help!

Choosing the right coverage can be a challenge, our highly trained agents can explain the details you need to know and in a way which will be easy to understand. Many coverage options are very inexpensive and can be a tremendous advantage, such as towing options or rental cars in the event your car needs to be in a body shop for an extended period of time.

As representatives of Canada’s Leading Insurers with whom we can compare rates and coverage, we can effectively provide a proper balance for your specific automobile insurance needs. In every province, the minimum amount of coverage required for your automobile insurance is third party liability.

Additional coverage available for your auto insurance policy:

  • Accident Forgiveness coverage: with this auto insurance policy, this means your first at-fault accident is forgiven.
  • Loss of Use coverage: If your vehicle is laid up due to a claim, this extension ensures you are covered for the cost of a rental car.
  • Waiver of Depreciation: For a brand new vehicle (when it is a total loss in the first two years).
  • Rental Car coverage: Allows your coverage to be transferred to a rental car.
  • Antique/Classic Automobiles: We have specialty insurers who can provide top notch coverage!

Questions to ask your mortgage agent:

Who is allowed to drive my car?
Will a comprehensive claim affect my premium?
Why should we carry high liability limits?
Does my auto insurance policy provide any coverage for my rental?
Do I have to pay for my insurance all at once?
Are parking lot accidents normally split 50/50?

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