How can critical illness insurance benefit me?

Many people turn to Life Insurance first, but there are situations in life that occur and disrupt your life dramatically, even when death isn’t a factor.

Critical Illness is one of these situations where you may find yourself struggling to cover costs, particularly if you are losing income due to an inability to work with your illness.

Critical Illness is purchased when you are healthy and don’t have any medical conditions. If you develop one of the 25 covered illnesses and you receive a written diagnosis, your claim can be submitted. Your claim is paid out in a lump sum, tax free to you, and can be used in any way you would like.

These plans often come with the access to “Best Doctors”. This is an organization of medical professionals that will review your written diagnosis and determine if the diagnosis is a correct one and if the course of treatment is the right course of action for your illness.

Questions to ask your mortgage agent:

Are there limits on coverage amounts?
Is there a waiting period at claim time?
How many illnesses are covered?
Are there different plans?
How are claims paid?
Is the benefit paid, tax free?

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