Have you been wanting to buy a home for a long time now and are finally ready to do it?

Buying your first home is a huge milestone in one’s life. You are likely going to have plenty of questions and uncertainties, so it is very important that you work with someone who you can trust and has experience.

Our team of mortgage professionals will help you understand the process of purchasing a home. We will also ensure that you are receiving advice based on your specific situation and are getting the best mortgage solution that fits your needs.

You could be looking at buying a home in Halifax, Fredericton, Toronto, Brampton or St. John’s but no matter the city, you can be confident that you are getting the best service and guidance out there. Our staff is here to make sure your mortgage is one that works for you.

We understand that buying a home for the very first time can bring on a mix of emotions that ranges from excitement to nervousness. We have years of experience and knowledge behind our team who are here to make you feel comfortable throughout the process and help ensure you that you are being looked after in the best way that you can.

We invite you to explore our website and take advantage of the information we have made accessible for you in order for you to gain a better understanding of the process as a whole. There are many steps involved in the purchase of a home and the more educated you are as a buyer the better the outcome will be. Articles such as “Learn Before You Leap” and “Understanding Your Credit Report” are just some of the resources we have made available so you can feel as confident as possible throughout the journey.

Questions to ask your mortgage agent:

What is Land Transfer Tax?
What does amortization mean?
Fixed mortgage or Variable mortgage?
Why do I need a laywer?
How much down payment do I need, and by when?
What can I afford?
How can I use my RRSP to help?

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