Ready to Retire?

Congratulations! Let’s hit the links!

Retirement is an exciting time – whether you’re hitting the golf course, travelling or spending time with your grandchildren.  If you still have mortgage payments to make, you may be concerned about your ability to afford your retirement.  Or if you’re mortgage free – should you use the equity in your home to finance expenses?

We can help:

  • Review your options to pay off your mortgage
  • Review refinancing options
  • Maximize your cash flow
  • Tap into your home equity

Questions to ask your mortgage agent:

Will I have to pay a penalty if I sell my house with a mortgage?
Can I move to a condo, but keep my house for my grandchildren?
Should I start withdrawing from my RRSP's to pay my mortgage?
I want to travel. Can I use the equity I have in my house to finance?
How do I manage cash flow to mortgage after I retire?

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