Mortgage Broker In Sydney N.S

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Finding a Mortgage Broker In Sydney N.S 

Sydney, N.S., Or (Cape Breton) is one of the first places you think of when you’re asked: “what’s different about Nova Scotia?” It’s quite simple, you have to see it to understand. The sky, the horizon, the air, even the landscape are all remarkable. People come from all over the world to visit Cape Breton. City folks plan getaway trips to it throughout the year. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that there are many people who live there. Also, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that there are mortgage brokers who are dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of Cape Breton. Whether you need a mortgage broker in Sydney, N.S., or in the surrounding area of Cape Breton, Premiere Mortgage is here for you.

A Mortgage Broker’s Goal

Let’s go over why you need a mortgage broker in the first place. This isn’t specific to Sydney, N.S. either. With a mortgage broker, you’re working with an independent third party, not with a direct lender such as a bank. Also, it’s beneficial because you get impartial advice that helps you finance your home properly. Working with a mortgage broker takes away the fear of being honest. Which is caused due to the fear the information you give may be used against you. Rather than being used to get a better deal for you (which is what your mortgage broker’s goal is).

Take Shopping Out Of The Equation

Mortgage brokers take shopping for mortgage lenders out of the equation. This allows you to spend more time looking for the right place to live. Furthermore, it’s especially valuable when you are in a rural area like Sydney, N.S., and all you want to do is enjoy the process. Instead of stress, you get to actually enjoy the beautiful scenery while you look for your new home. The only mortgage lender you need to see is the one your mortgage broker is negotiating with on your behalf. This leads us to the next reason: negotiating. For many, it’s just easier for someone else to negotiate on your behalf, especially if they are partial to you. Not to mention, they do it for a living. You don’t need to hide your excitement about the dream home or dream location you now want to live in! Your Sydney based mortgage broker can play hard ball for you!

Get All The Perks

Another thing to consider is, that although you are not dealing with a direct lender, you are still getting the perks of it. Mortgage brokers are independent third parties that have extensive access to lenders in Canada, which means you will too. The perks of this are that they know all that’s needed to know. From what credit unions and trust companies are offering, to sourcing mortgage default insurance if your down payment is smaller (less than 20%) than you intended. Mortgage brokers also don’t stop once you’ve been approved for a mortgage, they will keep looking until they know what the best rate is for you.

Leave It To Your Broker, Not To Chance

Mortgage brokers know companies want to give creditworthy people incentives to attract them as customers (things like retail points programs, discounts on appliances, shopping clubs, etc..) A mortgage broker would know which companies’ incentives would suit you best. Aside from the ongoing support and consultation, the expert advice, zero service cost, and a considerably faster beginning to end process, isn’t it nice to just be able to know you left nothing to chance? 

Make Your Home, Your Home

Whether you are looking for a mortgage broker in Halifax, or you’re looking for a mortgage broker in Sydney, N.S. It does not matter to us. We will go the distance, and we aren’t just talking about the drive from Halifax! We will go the distance to take the heavy lifting away from you, so that you, can focus on making your home, your home.

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