Mortgage Marketing Tools For Your Business

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We live in an age that mimics the times when merchants rode on their horses to the market and depended on their credibility to make a living. There was no such thing as an employee, a 401k, or a manager. You managed yourself and relied only on your reputation and personability in order to break bread with your family. Now, we’re finding more and more that people are slowly becoming their own merchants and relying on reputations and personability in order to break bread with their families. The difference is that in this day and age it’s much, much easier to do so. We live in the best time to be alive and it’s evident with how readily available resources are to fulfill almost any dream or goal we have. Today, we’d like to share with you some readily available resources for mortgage brokers. Specifically, mortgage marketing tools that you can use today.

Mortgage Marketing Tools

1st Tool – Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a great mortgage marketing tool. 60% of advertisements in the mail end up as waste. It’s simple, no one really misses something that was intended for everyone. That’s why it’s important to be deliberate and personal with your direct mail marketing. Everyone likes to feel important, and no one likes to feel like just another face. Your direct mail inherently reflects how much you value the person in a matter of seconds. Think of two scenarios: A) You get a pizza flier with your name on it, or; B) You get a handwritten letter, with a civilian post stamp on it, asking you non-aggressively for your input (not money). Which will warrant your time and energy? Applied properly, direct mail marketing is a powerful mortgage marketing tool.

2nd Tool – Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing has single-handedly brought in countless business for countless businesses. It’s an incredible tool because, as GaryVee says, “it’s broken.” He means that it has no ceiling and no bounds. He likens it to the internet and claims that that is why it’s so prolific and profitable. He also believes that when you apply direct mail strategies to Facebook marketing the result is “scary,”  as in, powerful. And he’s right. You can advertise and cater to specific audiences based on their geolocation, age, sex, ethnicity, and even sports preferences. How’s that a mortgage marketing tool?

3rd Tool – Business Cards + (free business card template)

This one is as essential as having a government ID. However, much like the inherent valuing scale direct marketing inadvertently portrays, your business cards have a similar effect. They portray the inherent value you have with yourself. Having a bad business card can do more damage than having no business card. It’s one of the essential mortgage marketing tools that you should never go without. Having an amazing business card isn’t going to suddenly bring you countless business opportunities, but having a bad one can make you miss out on some. Another benefit of having a great business card is that it’s less likely to end up as waste.

4th Tool – Social Media

This is the mortgage marketing tool of all mortgage marketing tools. Social media is how the world is connected today. The power of technology allows us to hear news from across the seas in a matter of seconds. To not apply such a powerful tool for communication to better your mortgage broker career would be a waste. We aren’t saying you have to advertise across the seas of your new listing. But using such a non-invasive tool to communicate with your family, friends, and community of what you’re doing, and that you’re the best at it can’t get any easier than through social media. You can use social media to cultivate google reviews, or to communicate your new listing, changes in mortgage rates, or when is the best time to buy. Communicating has never been easier.

Premiere Is Here For You

We live in an age where your marketing and the nature of your business go hand in hand. No marketing means no awareness that you exist. Although it’s never been easier to market yourself, it also means it’s easier for everyone else and not just you. That’s why at Premiere, we have a ready-made infrastructure filled with mortgage marketing tools. From templates for websites, social media, and business cards, to independent technical support teams. You name it, it’s all here waiting for you.

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