Do You Have Bruised Credit?

Many Canadians face financial hardship at one time or another due to poor financial information, job loss, divorce or illness, and do not know where to turn for advice or guidance once they develop bruised credit.

We, at Premiere Mortgage, are here to help you in a non-judgmental and fully transparent environment. Don’t let past or present credit issues hold you back from taking the steps to realize your dream of home ownership or consolidating existing credit card and loan debt with your existing home equity. There are many alternative lenders in the Canadian Mortgage Market that have programs to help you get back on your feet following bruised credit. The mortgage rates are often higher than the published discounted rates and other caveats may apply.

Speak to your Premiere Mortgage Agent about the various programs available to help you re-establish your credit history and help you get control of your financial health.

Questions to ask your mortgage agent:

How do I improve my credit rating?
How long will it take to improve my credit?
Can I still purchase a home?
What is my credit score?
I have a home, am I at risk of losing it?

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