Cash Back Options

Looking to purchase a home, saved for the down-payment and closing costs, but don’t have any extra money for new furniture or appliances? We can help!

We have access to various mortgage solutions that will give you as much as 5% cash back of the mortgage amount! There are certain restrictions, and the mortgage rate is often priced at the prevailing posted mortgage rate versus a discounted mortgage rate. Nevertheless, it is great to have the option, and that is precisely what we are able to provide you. Speak to your Premiere Mortgage agent to help customize and tailor a cash back mortgage to help you with the costs of buying a home.

Questions to ask your mortgage agent:

What can I use the money for?
What happens if I break my term early?
How does this all work?
How much cash back can I get?
When do I get the money?
What is the interest rate?

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