Investment Properties

Are you looking to expand your real-estate portfolio and increase your monthly income by purchasing an investment property? We can help!

There are many mortgage products and solutions available in today’s market place to help realize your financial goal of owning an income property. The downpayment amount required is 20%, and the great news is: if you have existing equity in your primary home, we may be able to utilize this for the down-payment and closing costs associated with the purchase. Speak to your Premiere Mortgage Agent to help you make sound financial decisions and tailor a mortgage solution that meets your present and future borrowing needs.

Questions to ask your mortgage agent:

Do I want to be a landlord?
How much down payment do I need and by when?
Can I use existing equity from other properties?
What's involved in buying a multi unit building?
Will the lender use rental income to offset my payment?
Will I need additional cash reserves?

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