Purchasing a Home with a Mortgage

When purchasing the home of your dreams, adding real estate to your investment portfolio or purchasing a leisure property or a home for your children, it is imperative that you seek out concrete financial advice, as you are making some of the most important financial decisions of your life.

There are a myriad of home financing solutions and mortgage products available to you and your loved ones in today’s ultra-competitive.

At Premiere Mortgage Centre, we specialize in absorbing the stress of home buying, and helping you make the right financial decisions is our top priority. We are proud to serve you free of cost.

Learn Before You Leap

Owning your own home is an exciting proposition, but it’s important to understand what is involved before you know whether home ownership is for you.

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Understanding Your Credit

A credit report is a history of how consistently you pay your financial obligations. It is created when you first borrow money or apply for credit and is built over time.

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10 Reasons To Use A Mortgage Broker

Working with a direct lender like a bank might feel more “conventional”, but the reality is that an independent third party can offer impartial advice. Plus, brokers have access to a much wider array of products.

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10 Steps To Buying A Home

Buying your first home is exciting; nevertheless, if you are not familiar with the process, it can also be overwhelming. Our experts can walk you through your journey to owning your own home.

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Closing Costs That You Need To Know

Having a firm understanding of these potential costs is incredibly important and often overlooked.

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How To Apply For A Mortgage

When you apply for a mortgage loan, the mortgage planner will ask you to complete a loan application. The application shows information about the type of mortgage loan you’re applying for, as well as your personal financial situation.

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