Purchasing plus improvements

Have you found a home you love but dislike the current décor? We can help!

Many re-sale homes may require some updating such as and not limited to: new doors, flooring, roof repair, exterior improvements, and interior finishes. The latest purchase plus improvements solutions help the home buyer manage these updates. You will need to provide copies of the certified quotes and /or a copy of the certified contract of the renovations being completed, coupled with the signed and executed purchase agreement to your Premiere Mortgage Agent for review. This will ensure that the purchase plus improvements will increase the overall value of your new home and confirm whether the lender has approved the renovations. There are many mortgage solutions available with various caveats; therefore, it is essential that you speak with your Premiere Mortgage Agent to discuss all the options available to you.

Questions to ask your mortgage agent:

What type of improvements qualify?
Will I need a contractor?
How does this all work?
Can I finance renovation improvements in the purchase price?
Is there a maximum amount of renovations I can do?
What impact will this have on my payments?

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