Advantages of a mortgage refinance

Have you worked diligently to pay your mortgage off, want to take advantage of the current market and capitalize on your current equity? You can borrow up to 80% of the current market value minus your existing mortgage and refinance. We can help!

There are many reasons to refinance your current home, vacation, or rental property: debt consolidation, home renovation, investment purposes including adding to your real-estate portfolio, paying for your children’s education and financing your dream vacation. The possibilities through a mortgage refinance are endless. Speak with your Premiere Mortgage Agent to help you tailor a customized borrowing solution for your current and future borrowing needs. We welcome you to explore and visit our product and service offerings that fit your unique needs.

Questions to ask your mortgage agent:

I am thinking about a major renovation, what are my options?
Can I use my existing equity to purchase an investment property?
Do I have enough equity?
What are my existing mortgage terms and can I break them without penalty?
I am looking to consolidate unsecured debt?
Will I need a lawyer?

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